The AS Story

About The Brand

ASITA SAHABI is a unique brand that reflects the variety of the world’s cultures. The brand stands for timeless elegance, a distinctive style and diversity.

The designs of this exclusive clothing line are classic and elegant, yet at the same time playful and feminine. They mirror the passion and the inherent beauty of the female soul.

There are several prêt.-à-porter collections for women and a cheerful clothing line for girls.

ASITA SAHABI has participated succesfully in Paris and Copenhagen Fashion Week and is receiving an increased international attention.

Asita’s Story

Asita Sahabi founded the fashion label ASITA SAHABI in 2013, as fashion had always been a passion of hers. She used to design and sew some of her clothes and her colleagues and friends always complimented her for her unique stylish designs. Sahabi believes that her unique style partly is a result of her German-Iranian decent, but mostly because of her great passion for fashion.

After her graduation, she spent the following five years working as a flight attendant and flew all around the world to expand her cultural horizon and to get inspiration to nurture her creative mind.

Thereafter Sahabi went back to her original profession and worked as an architect for several years in Cape Town, Rome, Venice and Zurich. During this phase she realized that she had to follow her true passion, which was to own her own fashion label.

Ethical Standards

The label ASITA SAHABI stands for sustainability and fair conditions of production. Each collection has been designed due to a prior journey to the specific location and after having experienced the local cultures and traditions and is therefore truly authentic.

We respect other cultures and people regardless of their age, sex, sexual orientation, religion and skin color.

Our tailored production is located in Italy near Naples and – most of it – in the province of Latium near Rome whereas our knit garments are made in Mongolia. We only work with experienced, local tailors and small-sized family owned companies.

The resulting higher production costs justify our not cheap, but fair and affordable prices.