FRANCESCA BIANCHI | 24-karat gold-plated wire bangle with white enamelled hearts


The White Heart Wire bracelet is an open, thin bracelet featuring a 24-karat gold-plated rigid wire. Decorated at the ends with two white enamel hearts, it is extremely elegant, perfect for everyday wear and impactful as a gift. As minimalist as the collection to which it belongs, this bangle is simple and easy to adapt to one’s wrist. Each piece of Francesca Bianchi Design jewelry is entirely handmade in Italy.

The Francesca Bianchi brand was born thanks to the skilful manufacture of one-by-one painted enamels, objects which, although similar, are different from each other, shaped by the capable hands of expert goldsmith craftsmen. Each jewel, before being packaged, goes through about 30 processing steps, necessary to create a product with attention to every aspect and completely made in Italy.


The creations, in 24-carat gold-plated bronze, are subjected to nano-ceramic cataphoresis in order to preserve their color and shine over time.
The color stands out on the jewels in numerous carefully chosen combinations according to a precise and rigorous taste. The enamel is made at the time of application for a more charged and vivid color rendering. After being spread on the surface, the enamel is fired in a kiln at high temperatures until a glassy appearance is obtained.
Dedication and perseverance in improving materials allow Francesca to create collections that last over time for an ambitious and determined woman./p>

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  • Rigid bracelet, oval shape.
  • 24 karat gold plated.
  • Branded with the logo of the Aretine house.
  • Nickel and lead free.
  • Every and each one of our jewels is hand made in Tuscany. Entirely made in Italy.
  • Minimal collection.
  • Coloration: White.

Additional information


material: 24 karat gold plated bronze (nickel-free), enamel




One size – 6 × 6.5 × 1 cm


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