Brick Red – A winning colour for fall

Win with my favorite colour in this fall season – Brick Red.  For fall, I love Brick Red in combination with neutrals like Ivory or Beige and Navy.

A great addition to the fall lineup – this knit coat!

This particular coat is a pairs exceptionally well with brick red and blue.  It’s great for the office and as a partner for light silk chiffon dresses. A tree staple fall/winter item. We combined the coat with our graphic printed silk midi dress.

Another cool outfit for everyday are these brick red silk blended cord pants with our loose navy blue silk blouse. This combo creates an effortless, casual-elegant look for many occasions.


For colder days and instead of wearing a coat, try this thick ivory cashmere turtleneck sweater. Pair it with a matching silk scarf for the ultimate chic.

Other easy basics are these cognac colored Angora blended wool pants – they match perfectly with brick red.

When it is getting colder, you might want to cuddle yourself into thick outerwear like this navy duffle coat with a wool vest.

For a festive event and a femme-fatale-feeling, this irresistible red chiffon dress.


And last but not least – match it with jewelry that is made of red corals or mussles.

Wishing you lots of fun with these colour combinations.

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