earrings with earrings with turquoise cordient, corals and pearls RAVENNA

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ASITA SAHABI earrings with turquoise cordient, corals and sweet water pearls. Handcrafted in Sicily. Online shop with International shipping.

AUTUMN IN PIEDMONT reflects the magical time in Piedmont when the grapes turn their colors from a fresh green to golden browns and deep purples. Autumn in Piedmont just blows you away with a color palette from burning red, orange, copper, yellow and green and browns that appear slowly through an early morning fog. The scenery embraces you with peace. It is the time of the Alba truffle, of good food and good wine. Indeed it is not just the clothing itself that makes them stand among others, but also their unique beauty and perception of the world make them an exceptional and powerful entity. In this newest collection, a woman can take every moment her own, glaring everyone’s eye on into the greatness that she has.

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  • pendant earrings
  • material: turquoise cordient, corals, pearls and gold plated 925 sterling silver
  • Hand made in Sicily.

Additional information


Turquoise cordient and sweetwater pearls


Green, Coral Red, Ivory


One size.


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