golden earrings with painted tile, corals and pearls PRAIANO

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Resort styled pendant earrings PRAIANO in gold plated aluminium (nickel-free) with a mini tile, corals and pearls. The tiles are beautifully painted with a shell motive in turquoise blue and yellow. The 6 cm long earrings are a great accessory for casual riviera style looks. Hand crafted in Sicily.

The history of the coral jewelry in Europe dates at least to ancient Rome, where it was believed to protect children and ward against evil. Pliny the Elder is said to have recommended coral to protect against the allure of temptresses. Renaissance paintings of the Christ Child often depict him holding or wearing protective coral amulets, and Mediterranean coral from Trapani, Sicily, was especially treasured during the French Empire.

The SPRING FLOWER collection was inspired by spring time on the picturesque Italian island of Procida with pastel colored houses and colorful boats. The collection mirrors the joy of life of a spring day on this beautiful island: clear white like the reflections on the water, deep blue like the deep sea, coral red like the red flowers and coral reefs, bright yellow like the lemon trees and mandarine yellow like the facades of the houses.

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  • pendant earrings
  • material: gold plated aluminium (nickel-free), painted tile, corals and pearls
  • turquoise and yellow painted shell on mini tile
  • 6 cm length
  • Hand made in Sicily.

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Gold plated aluminium (nickel-free), tile, corals, pearls


Turquoise, Coral Red, White, Ivory, Yellow, Gold.


One size – 6 cm.




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