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How to wear floral dresses in winters – by Rebecca Siggers

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Floral print looks great on any summer dress. It is chic and trendy. But how about making it trendy in winters as well?

Yes, why not?! With the correct cut and a well-defined floral print, your floral dress worn in winter would definitely be a head-turner. Why then, do you have to stick with the dull non-vibrant prints and colors in winters?

Florals are in fact playful and colorful motifs that can add charm to any style. They can brighten your winter wardrobe by adding a splurge of color to your outfit. Of course in winters, layering is the key. While a floral dress looks best in summers with its minimum accessories, in winters pairing it with layers such as a chunky knit or a pullover will make it look classy as well as comfortable.

That is why we have come up with a few tips for you on how to wear a floral dress in winters:

1. Layering

How about layering a midi-dress over a tonal rollneck? It not only looks chic but also will give you a young sexy look. Try to use a statement belt that cinches at the waist. Knee-high boots would give you heightened slender look and also help you to keep yourself warm. Make sure to accessorize yourself with a sling bag or a tote and some chunky beads to give yourself look a polished look.

Alternatively, you could wear a pullover over your floral dress to make it look like a pleated skirt. Pair it well with a knitted scarf and a knee-high or ankle-length boots.

Remember that when you are layering, you need to keep your pullover or the rollneck of neutral color. Too much floral print on every piece of clothes or accessories looks extremely distracting and disorienting.

Layers are a smart way to keep yourself warm as well as to give you that warm wintery look. Paired with some well-fitted tights, the whole ensemble would definitely help you to be outstanding amongst the other common winter outfits. Add different textures into the mix such as chunky wool cardigans, corduroy blazers, lace tights and so forth. This will create a wonderful visual aspect.

2. Go Jackets

Jackets have a wonderful way of teaming with floral dresses. And there are a number of exciting looks that you could sporty or artistic – either way, you would look fantastic.

Sporty Look:

Going floral does not mean you have to look dainty all the time. You can very well sport the sporty look. A tracksuit jacket over a floral dress paired with sports shoes would give the necessary sporty look.

Powerlifting apparels would add a certain appeal to your outfit if you want to sport that ultra-sporty and non-dainty look.

Artistic Folks’ Look:

Style your floral dress with a suede jacket and fringed shoulder bag to get this look. Suede jackets are a great hit when it comes to floral dresses.

Cocktail Party look:

You can create a glamorous party look by wearing heels and a faux-fur or fur-like jacket. A jacket like this combed mink cashmere jacket will make you an instant celebrity and give you an eye-stunning look.

Ideally, a thick cardigan would also help you achieve the same look and intention. Knitted cardigans are an excellent choice for wintery days.

3. Stockings and boots

Adding stockings and boots to your winter wardrobe are an excellent way of uplifting your winter styles. Be it ankle length or knee length, boots of various styles and textures would add that wintery charm to your floral outfit. And stockings will help you keep warm as well as give you an attractive style statement.

4. Knitted scarves and caps

Add a knitted scarf and a woolen headgear that accelerates your chic floral look. These two accessories will keep you warm and also give you a cute yet elegant look.

These versatile wardrobe additions definitely go beyond the usual jeans and sweaters and have an endless styling potential. So why wait?! Go ahead and be attractive and unique in your winter floral wear!

Author: Rebecca Siggers

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