A weekend in the Hamptons


This collection was inspired by the Hamptons Look.  Known as New York’s most popular local recreation area, the Hamptons represent a relaxed, enjoyable lifestyle. Here, at the east end of Long Island, the rich and famous like to gather on weekends and during the summer holidays to celebrate the beauty of life in casual but stylish wardrobes by pools or beach promenades, on yachts or wine tastings. The key pieces for the Hamptons look include airy dresses in a simple cut made of white, dark or striped cotton and linen fabrics like shirt dresses, Tunics, narrow 7/8 trousers in neutral tones, striped shirts, blouses to tie, large ones Wicker bags, espadrilles, canvas lace-up shoes or leather sailing shoes. Knitted or turtleneck sweaters and simple A-line skirts. The looks can be combined with each other perfectly and are just as suitable for shopping at the farmers market as for spontaneous invitations to a barbecue with friends.